Almost 100 law enforcement labor leaders gathered in Dallas, Texas on November 13-14 for the 1st Annual Texas Law Enforcement Council (TLEC) Summit. The Summit focused on several trainings presented by distinguished speakers from across the country. The trainings were geared towards teaching attendees how to strengthen local associations and further their cause.

The trainings included:
• Media Training
• Communications and Social Media Training
• Legal Training
• Municipal Finance 101
• Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Health Benefits
• Updates about the Ongoing Attacks on Your Pensions

In addition to training, the Summit provided attendees with an opportunity to network and learn from others with an interest in law enforcement labor issues. Representatives from all three TLEC member organizations, Dallas Police Association (DPA), Houston Police Officers’ Union (HPOU) and TMPA, attended the Summit. TMPA is a proud founding member of the TLEC and is very committed to its’ mission; “being able to formally work together to protect officers’ rights while maintaining our own organizations is the best case scenario,” stated Josh Thurlkill, President of TMPA and Chairman of TLEC.

TLEC was very pleased with the success of their 1st Annual Summit. “I’m very impressed with the number of passionate law enforcement officers we had attend the Summit, it was great that we were able to provide them with actionable information to take back to their associations,” said Thurlkill. Attendees stated that the “training, camaraderie, wide variety of notable speakers and the knowledge shared” were the best parts of the Summit.