Founding Members


Founded in 1959, the Dallas Police Association (DPA) is the oldest and largest police employee organization in Dallas.  The sole purpose of the DPA is to represent Dallas Police Officers in matters relating to employment, benefits and general well-being.  Located in Dallas’ historic Cedars Neighborhood, the DPA facilities are member-owned and include administrative offices and conference/training facilities.  Membership is open to all active and reserve Dallas Police Officers only.


The Houston Police Officers’ Union (HPOU) is the majority bargaining agent for all Houston Police Officers.  With over 5300 sworn officers, HPOU has successfully bargained all contracts at HPD since Meet and Confer was approved in 1997.  The HPOU proudly represents Patrol Officers, Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains, and the Command Staff, including the Chief of Police.  The Houston Police Officers’ Association (HPOA) was formed in 1945 and changed the name of the corporation in 1996 to the HPOU.  Our four full-time attorneys, full service insurance and investments, and member services are second to none in the Houston area.


TMPA is the voice of Texas law enforcement. TMPA was founded in 1950 and has protected the interests of law enforcement officers ever since. As the largest law enforcement association in Texas, TMPA is proud to represent more than 23,000 local, county and state law enforcement officers across Texas. Focused on protecting those who serve, TMPA is committed to providing Texas law enforcement officers with unmatched legal protection, reliable member support, powerful political advocacy, affordable training, effective contract bargaining and many additional benefits.


2016 Member




The Texas Fraternal Order of Police has been serving the law enforcement profession in Texas for over 30 years. They are also involved in law enforcement and public safety legislation on the state and national levels. With Texas FOP’s alliance with the Texas Law Enforcement Council, the vision of having a stronger, unified voice for all Texas law enforcement officers grows stronger.


2014 Members

Harris County Deputies' Organization

The Harris County Deputies’ Organization (HCDO) is dedicated to providing representation for its members and improving the safety and welfare of the citizens of Harris County, Texas. Founded October 6, 1980, the Harris County Deputies’ Organization is committed to providing sound legal representation, supplemental insurance and support to all membership within the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the eight Harris County Constable Offices.  HCDO is located in downtown Houston, making the offices and legal team easily accessible.  We are proud to work with other local law enforcement groups for the betterment of law enforcement as a whole.

Department of Public Safety Officers Association

For nearly 40 years, the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association (DPSOA) has been working to advocate on behalf of Troopers, Agents, Rangers, Officers, Communications Personnel and Forensic Scientists of the Texas Department of Public Safety. DPSOA is one of the largest organizations representing commissioned law enforcement officers in Texas and includes more than 3400 men and women who daily pledge their lives to protect Texans across the state.