Texas’ Largest Law Enforcement Organizations Form Powerful Alliance to Protect Working Officers and Their Families

Austin, Texas – In a Capitol of Texas news conference on October 15, 2013, the leadership of Texas’ largest law enforcement labor organizations announced the formation of the Texas Law Enforcement Council (TLEC.)

The newly formed 501.c 4 corporation was established by the 19,000-plus member Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA), the 2,800-plus member Dallas Police Association (DPA), and the 5,300-plus member Houston Police Officers’ Union (HPOU).  The purpose of the organization is to unite other law enforcement labor organizations on legislative, labor, and training issues that impact the lives of working law enforcement officers and their families.  The Austin based organization will not charge dues nor will it have any administrative authority over any of the law enforcement organizations that choose to be part of TLEC.

HPOU president Ray Hunt stated, “During the 83rd session of the Texas Legislature, law enforcement labor groups worked together in a loose-knit coalition to protect our earned pension benefits, to improve professional standards and to seek passage of laws to protect officers and citizens.  Our efforts to work together for the common interest of all law enforcement officers was very successful and we felt it was important to formalize a process that allows our respective organizations to achieve an even greater voice for Texas law enforcement officers through a collective and focused effort while, at the same time, not compromising our individual identities and missions in the process. As it relates to politics, all law enforcement organizations who participated in the formation of the Texas Law Enforcement Council clearly understand, regardless of elected officials’ party affiliation, our collective interests are only served by supporting elected officials who support the law enforcement profession.”

DPA president Ron Pinkston stated, “It is our goal to identify common interests and goals and work on them in the Texas Legislature or any other appropriate forum that may present itself.  The attacks on law enforcement officers’ earned pensions and other rights and benefits is what drove our decision to form this organization.  As Ray Hunt stated, “We have seen enemies of working law enforcement officers with R’s and D’s behind their names.  Our desire is to have other interested local and state organizations join up with TLEC so that we can all work together on issues of mutual concern.”

TMPA president Josh Thurlkill stated, “In addition to the important points that Ray Hunt and Ron Pinkston made, another major component of TLEC is in the area of law enforcement labor education that will better prepare individual organizations for the battles they will face today and tomorrow.  I am very pleased to announce that TLEC will hold its first annual law enforcement training seminar for invited organizations. The summit, PREPARING YOUR ASSOCIATION TO SURVIVE IN THE NEW REALITY: EDUCATING ASSOCIATION LEADERS FOR THE CHALLENGES AHEAD will be held in Dallas, Texas on November 13 and 14, 2013.”

This inaugural event will provide supporters of TLEC a great opportunity to become better educated leaders and, therefore, help all of us in our collective efforts to support and defend working law enforcement officers and their families,” concluded Thurlkill.