The Texas Law Enforcement Council (TLEC) was formed to unite the various law enforcement labor groups in this state so we can work together on our common interests and goals.

The need for a formal group was realized after TMPA, HPOU, and DPA worked together during the 83rd Texas Legislative Session to defend attacks against pensions. After seeing how effective a united front was, the groups decided to formally create TLEC. All members of the Council will maintain their sovereignty and autonomy; TLEC is simply an umbrella organization that will allow us to work together when needed.

The Council currently represents more than 35,000 active and retired Texas law enforcement officers. The goal is to be a united front of all 70,000 Texas peace officers so everyone can benefit from one powerful, united voice.

Everyone is welcome to be part of the TLEC effort. Currently membership is being offered to organizations and associations by invitation only. If your association is interested in membership, please contact one of the current members.