Over 100 representatives from different law enforcement agencies across the state gathered in Dallas, Texas on November 12-13 for the 2nd Annual Texas Law Enforcement Council (TLEC) Summit. The Summit focused on law enforcement labor education presented by distinguished speakers from across the country. The professional development sessions were structured to better prepare individuals and organizations for the daily challenges they face.

The trainings included:
• Motivating and Educating Members, Leadership, and Law Enforcement on Labor and Benefit Trends Across the Nation
• Media Relations in Law Enforcement
• Conflict Resolution Strategies: Leading Millennials
• From Roll-Outs to Reconstructions and Beyond: Defending Law Enforcement Officers in Deadly Encounters and Critical Incidents
• Use of Force – The Inherent Duality of the Training/Education Component in Today’s Society
• Bargaining from Management’s Perspective
• Association Governance and New Board Member Training
• Law Enforcement Political Involvement: Maintaining and Building Political Capital and Upcoming Issues in the Texas Legislature

In addition to training, the event was an excellent opportunity for participants to connect with and learn from fellow attendees about law enforcement labor issues. Representatives from TLEC member organizations, Dallas Police Association (DPA), Houston Police Officers’ Union (HPOU), Harris County Deputies’ Organization (HCDO), Texas Department of Public Safety Officers’ Association (DPSOA), and TMPA attended the conference.

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“It was incredible to once again see the dedicated leaders of police associations across the State gather at the TLEC Summit for this cutting-edge training,” said Mitch Slaymaker, President of TMPA and Chairman of TLEC. “In today’s world of shrinking budgets and ever-changing legislation surrounding our ability to negotiate, it becomes vitally important to understand emerging trends and both sides of arguments – TLEC provides that. It also offers the opportunity to network and become one giant think-tank, ensuring our ability to provide the best working conditions for our members.”

Last year’s Summit was an enormous success with an impressive attendance of passionate individuals displaying camaraderie and sharing knowledge. This year’s conference was no different, as it brought together law enforcement labor leaders, reinforcing TLEC’s main mission: be a united front of all 70,000 Texas peace officers.