Representatives from different law enforcement agencies and associations in Texas joined together at the 3rd Annual Texas Law Enforcement Council Summit at the Houston Police Officers’ Union building for two days of training and discussion on important matters such as the use of technology, the war on police, and legal issues facing today’s law enforcement officers.

Day 1 Summit














The full list of topics that were discussed at the Summit were:

  • Current and Future Technology: The World is Changing Faster Than Agencies and Officers Can Adapt
  • An Overview: How is Technology Impacting the Law Enforcement Profession?
  • The War on the Police: Real or Perception?
  • Can’t We All Just Get Along? Not Everyone Agrees on the Use and Application of Technology
  • The Easy Part is Buying Body Cameras, The Hard Part is the Establishment of a Body Camera Program, Adopting Policies, and Best Practices
  • Community and Media Outreach Program: Is There Common Ground?
  • Does the Future Mean More Discipline, Civil Suits, and Criminal Charges? The Defense and Prosecution of Officers
  • New Laws, Court Cases, and Legal Issues Confronting Agencies and Associations

More than 100 attendees participated at the Summit on February 9-10 in Houston. The event was also an excellent opportunity for law enforcement leaders to come together to discuss and share information about hot topics and the challenges facing law enforcement today.

The Summit was put together by TLEC member organizations: Houston Police Officers’ Union, Dallas Police Association, Harris County Deputies’ Organization, Texas Municipal Police Association, Texas Department of Public Safety Officers’ Association, and Texas Fraternal Order of Police.